Mission Statement of the Worcester Unemployment Action Group

Mission Statement of the Worcester Unemployment Action Group (WUAG)

For far too long, money has been funneled towards foreign wars and big bank bailouts – money that could be used to improve our local infrastructure and create real jobs at a living wage. Instead, a government that caters to corporations and the wealthy elite is stealing benefits and protections that generations fought for and won.

The Worcester Unemployment Action Group calls for an end to the direction of our nation’s wealth into the hands of a tiny minority. We want a government committed to real jobs with fair pay, proper benefits and long-term security, not the servitude offered by the corporations merely interested in profit. We support the unemployed in our daily economic struggle and in our battle for dignified work and just treatment.

We are building a mass movement that politicians will be unable to ignore, reaching out to the unemployed and calling on union and community leaders for participation and support. This movement we expect will organize mutual support groups, public forums, demonstrations and media outreach in the community and engage with legislators and administrators, bringing the desperate plight of millions of unemployed Americans to the fore and demanding action on job creation and income for the unemployed.