Join the GraceTeamMass campaign for real, long lasting unemployment insurance, health insurance and wide-spread job creation.

Money authorized to create 150K+ jobs in Massachusetts; Let's get it invested!

New Report (please email engage@graceteammass.org for more info/full report):
Working to Recover the Commonwealth’s Economy
Why Massachusetts should not be Withholding Money to Invest in Jobs.

Executive Summary
Since the summer of 2013 with Massachusetts still officially down about 240,000 jobs (325,000 in early 2010), this study shows a possible and proven road out of the state’s job crisis. Job problems in the state started before the market crash and the beginning of this dramatic economic downturn. Massachusetts entered the downturn with an estimated 83,000 fewer jobs than the average rate of employment across the United States. Today, about $14 Billion in MA infrastructure and general capital investment monies remain authorized but unimplemented; this spending could generate roughly 154,000 jobs.

WUAG - Who We Are

The Worcester Unemployment Action Group is a movement of and for unemployed folk, young and old, men and women, of all colors, nationalities and education levels. We are dedicated to winning an economy with well-paid socially useful work for all, and a decent income for the unemployed. We are committed to non-violence, and to a movement that holds those we elect and public servants accountable to the entire workforce, including unemployed folk. We organize mutual support groups, public forums, demonstrations and media events, and work to bring about change in policies and laws.

Weekly forums on unemployment issues changed to Tuesdays.

Weekly Worcester forums on unemployment issues have changed to Tuesdays.
Forums for the unemployed every week, guest speakers or open round table discussion.
Share food * discussions * networking * workshops
When: Every Tuesday, Noon to 2pm, ever since May of 2012.

Voter Guide For The Primary Election On Sept 6, 2012

In the Massachusetts primary elections on September 6, 2012, we endorse Mary Keefe for state legislature and Jim McGovern for Congress.

Announcing: Forum on Food Security - Thursday July 12, 2012

WUAG announces a forum on food insecurity
On Thursday July 12, from noon to 2:00 pm at Saint John’s Church, 44 Temple St. in Worcester.

  • How do you apply for Food Stamps (SNAP)?
  • How do you appeal a denial?
  • What are Worcester’s other food resources?
  • What can we do about cuts in Food Stamps?
  • Could the food pantries run out of food?

Come join with experts and other unemployed folk to learn about and discuss these issues.

Coming next week: Forum on Employer Misconduct

Worcester Unemployment News - Issue #4 - June 29, 2012

Who we are The Worcester Unemployment Action Group is a movement of and for unemployed folk ...

WUAG joins in big demonstration at City Hall in support of REO Ten members and organizers of WUAG joined with 250 others from labor and community organizations to demand passage of the Responsible Employers Ordinance ...

Unemployment Round Table and Forums This Thursday and Every Thursday From noon to 2:00 PM at St. John's Church, 44 Temple St. ...

WUAG says ‘No’ to banning “panhandlers” WUAG unanimously agreed this is the wrong way to go. ...

The economic news is terrible. The US economic news points to a serious economic “slowdown” since March, following a largely nonexistent “recovery”. ...

Yet official Mass “Unemployment Rate” is down to 6.0%, triggering benefit cuts! “The amount of time people can collect unemployment benefits will be reduced by about 13 weeks as a result of the state’s steadily declining ‘jobless rate’ ...

The view from the top: Jennifer James, Massachusetts Undersecretary for Workforce Development said: “Yes, the recession is over and the economy is recovering. ...

The point is to do something about it! In the last few weeks we’ve made a start: WUAG Political Action Meetings propose pushing US Senate and House candidates to support bills ...

The Meetings also proposed asking US and State candidates to:
- Support increase in the minimum wage ...
- "Go to the mat’ to get a new Federal Emergency Unemployment Extension Bill. ...
- Push Governor Patrick hard to spend ...
- Equal pay for women ...
- Enable and support worker-owned cooperatives ...
- Financial help – “General Relief” - or a job ...
- “211” telephone line that works ...

Third WUAG Political Action Meeting on Unemployment! Monday, July 9, 2012 from noon to 2:00 PM at Common Ground, 5 Piedmont St. (at Main Street) in Worcester. All are welcome! * All have something to contribute! * You are needed here!

Worcester Unemployment News - Issue #3 - June 12, 2012

Who we are
The Worcester Unemployment Action Group (WUAG) is a movement of and for unemployed folk, young and old, men and women, of all colors, nationalities and education levels. ...
Members and friends of WUAG testified at the Mass. Jobs Creation Commission
Ten members and friends of WUAG testified at the Mass. Jobs Creation Commission Hearing in Framingham on April 13, and six testified in Boston May 6 ...
Massachusetts loses another 13 weeks of Unemployment Insurance payments.
As some of us have already learned the hard way, as of June 1, the number of weeks when you can collect unemployment insurance dropped from 73 to 60. This was due to our official “Unemployment Rate” dropping to 6.3%, which was caused entirely by job-seekers giving up! ...
Weekly Unemployment Gathering
Weekly Unemployment Gathering, Noon-2pm Every Thursday at
St. John’s Church, 44 Temple St., Worcester ...

Mission Statement of the Worcester Unemployment Action Group

Mission Statement of the Worcester Unemployment Action Group (WUAG)

Our Opinion: What A Realistic Jobs Creation Report Would Say

The Massachusetts Jobs Creation Commission is writing a report about how jobs can be created in the state now. At a recent WUAG meeting we talked it over and decided our opinion on what their report should say.

Worcester Unemployment News, 2/24/12 * Noticias del grupo sobre el desempleo de Worcester

Hold the Date: Public Meeting and Forum on Jobs and Unemployment
Sat. March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), 2pm - 4 pm, St. John’s Church!
Worcester Unemployment News
Worcester Unemployment Action Group – Feb. 23 2012 – V.1, No.1
Extensions Bill passes, signed into law, cuts out half a year of benefits!
No one asked us, the unemployed! We say it stinks, but no one seems to know or care! That has to change! We will no longer be silent!

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