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Friends, Why the Grace Team? We Live in Dangerous Times

We live in dangerous times.

- Dangerous because too many of us don’t know where the next job’s coming from or whether the job we have is going to last.

- Dangerous because too many of us have lost our homes or might lose our homes, are on the edge of losing homes or maybe even are living in homes that we don’t even know could be threatened and yet foreclosures are rampant beyond almost any other time in our history.

- Dangerous because too many of us don’t know how we’re going to make ends meet and a rising number of us don’t know how we’re going to feed our kids. With job prospects so bad and making ends meet so questionable, crime is on the rise and our patience and generosity with each other is more deeply challenged than in my lifetime.

We live in dangerous times, we shouldn’t have to worry about being a danger to each other out of anger or fear or blame. This should be a time when we come together we remember that deep in the roots of our state rests the stories of mutual aid and joint action.

Mutual aid that led to the creation of town meetings. And mutual assistance as farmers and small town’s people built up an existence. Mutual aid in working together that led to a representative government which included the power of the purse strings, the power over how our taxes are spent. And the mutual action that came together before a shot was ever fired, when our forefathers and mothers evicted the British and their loyalists, the Tories from over 90 percent of the Massachusetts colony before the tea ever got dumped in the harbor. The kind of joint effort that led to slavery being outlawed first in Massachusetts of all the states and made us the home of the first women’s convention and the images that fill our imagination of the Bread and Roses Strike and the coming together of regular working people to make sure that our lives were decent and the remuneration for our work enough to live on.

The firsts here based on our work together as regular people are numerous. The time has come again for us to rediscover that investment in each other across whatever differences we’ve come to see in each other and remember the deeper experience and shared humanity that will have to feed the dreams and the realities of a better future for all of us.

Please consider joining us in action on an issue that concerns you most...
- yours, The Grace Team

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III.5. Issues With the Note

When you signed your mortgage, you actually signed two documents that we tend to think of as “the mortgage” because historically they have always been kept together. We believe that for a mortgage foreclosure to be legal, both of these documents should be held by the lender that tried to foreclose on you.

IV.1 Filling Out Your Mortgage and Foreclosure Facts and Timeline Checklist

First, use these links to download and then print out a copy of the Mortgage and Foreclosure Facts and Timeline (MFFT) checklist (Word .doc file | PDF). Download the Word file if you intend to fill out the checklist on your computer. Download and print out the PDF file if you plan to fill it out by hand.

V.2.f.i Filling Out the Affidavit of Indigency Form

The Affidavit of Indigency is a general fee waiver form. There are three choices on it. If you’re receiving any form of public assistance (including MassHealth, which covers quite a lot of people), check box A. If you check A, do not fill out any of the other proof of income information required. The same applies if you check box B.

Instructions for Completing Your Superior Court Cover Sheet

Enter the County you live in the center at the top of the cover sheet.

Fill in the first place at the top part of the cover sheet: if you’re filing for yourself, you will be the plaintiff. (In all court cases, the person who brings the court case is referred to as the “plaintiff”. If you it helps you it is part of the word complaint.) You will fill in your name and your contact information. The number they ask for is actually an attorney number that only attorneys have, so just leave that blank.

V.2.c.i How to Use the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Template

Your TRO will be decided based on a very limited number of issues. The court essentially looks at the overall complaint you filed and assesses—assuming that you are telling the truth in the entire complaint and that the facts are accurate—whether you’re likely to succeed in your suit in the long run. That’s because they won’t put a restraint on the other party if they believe your case is likely to fail. So while your complaint is a separate legal action, the strength of it underlies one of the factors the judge will use in deciding whether to grant your TRO.

III.7 Limited Representation

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V.6 Appeals

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